PUBLISHING - It would be safe to say that we get over excited about quality printed matter. Especially the type that is free from the corporate, ad hungry giants like Condé Nast, EMAP and Bauer.

So when we were pointed towards //STACK by magCulture it resulted in a tweeting and exclamation mark frenzy!!! //STACK is similar to a well curated record club, but instead of the latest mp3s you get a selection of magazines that are all independently published. Amen.
They put it perfectly themselves:

//STACK is a unique service that brings together the best independent English language magazines from around the world and delivers them direct to your home. Beautifully made and offering an intelligent, alternative view of films, music, culture, current affairs and whatever else crosses their pages, they guarantee to bring a fresh perspective on the world.

The blog run by //STACK is a must read, the comments on the posts are well thought out and worth a look too. www.stackmagazines.com/content/blog


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