PUBLISHING - Whilst browsing the local bookshop at lunch joes[a]fiend came across the new Faber/Domino Records publication, Loops. The predominance of purple was a little much for such an early hour so instead of buying the paper version we made a few notes and went to the website instead. It appears that the design of the magazine works better online – the site is nice and clean with some great typography [courtesy of Wallzo]. However, much to our dismay you can only read mere snippets of most of the pieces in the magazine online [bar a piece by the young author Richard Milward] so it looks like we will have to part with our money after all.

Ps. According to the opening page there is a selection of Domino tracks to download for free if you type in the following code when prompted: DT4G7KHT. We couldn’t find it though so if any of you do please let us know!

Bill Freeman

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