We were so intrigued by the title of Kerouac's Dog, a new cultural magazine [covering new writing, design, illustration, photography, architecture, fashion, and creativity in general], that we had to grab 5 minutes with its creator, Oli...

First off, please tell us a little about your background and how the Kerouac’s Dog Magazine came to be.

The whole project began as an itch in my head that simply refused to go away. I was travelling Australia in 2008, and one hot summer evening in my apartment in Surry Hills, Sydney, I sat down and scribbled down what I wanted.

I wanted a magazine that was truly independent, with no advertising, no classifieds, and no editorial-led advertising. I wanted a magazine that oozed pure creativity, with a free-thinking, uncensored, underground-press feel. I wanted to give aspiring creatives of all disciplines, from all over, the opportunity to exhibit new writing/new design/ new illustration/ new photography/ new whatever, in something beautiful and tangible. And at the same time, pay homage to the philosophy of the
Beat Generation. Kerouac’s Dog Magazine was born. I suppose the idea was conceived long ago, but born when I actually put pen to paper and started putting things in place to make Kerouac’s Dog a reality.

Why Kerouac's Dog? Why now?

Because I genuinely believed it was needed. I think keeping print alive in a truly independent publication in a digital world is really important. In a digital age, getting stuff in print; in something real and tangible is incredibly exciting. I think having something that you can hold; that you can thumb through - rather than click-through, scroll through, or touchpad flick-through - is still an exceptionally beautiful thing. It still means something. It’s evocative, resonant, and it stays with you.

Who out of the people that you're working with should we be keeping an eye on?

I’m not going to pick anyone out, mainly because the work that has been submitted for the inaugural issue, and Issue 2 next year is of such a great standard. But yes, there are lots of people you need to be keeping a serious eye on.

What format is the magazine? Which magazines do you see it sitting alongside?

Issue 1 is A4 – and we’ve got other format ideas for future issues too. [Except digital – Kerouac’s Dog will exist solely in printed format.]
Well, I hope it stands out on its own. I don’t think I’d be doing it any justice if I tried to group it with other magazines.

As you aren't having print ads are you looking to collaborate with brands at all?

We’ve started as an independent, and we want to continue to be independent. Many ‘independent’ magazines that exist today, started off the same as we did, and have, for one reason or another, given in to advertising, and brand and organisation collaboration – mainly for financial reasons. True independence is a tough ideal to live by, especially when you’re totally self-funded, but I think it will be worth it.

What are your favourite magazines?

Wow. Where do I start. There are so many. I love
EYE magazine. I love Wallpaper* Magazine. I also read a lot of ‘Mad’ while in Australia too – that was really great.

Where do you see Kerouac's Dog in a year?

Still having fun; still getting new creative work out there; still believing in ourselves, in why we’re doing what we’re doing, and in the people who submit such awesome work; still holding on to that creative fire that got us into this.