'Bill Posters Prosecuted' Signs are uglier than the actual bill posters they are there to stop. So the we are encouraging everyone to change that by making these notices beautiful. Bill Posters Project

ADVERTISING - The government in Australia have recently passed a bill to rid the urban landscape of 'undue visual pollution' or bill posters as your average Joe would call them. By passing this bill the government have added to the 'visual pollution' with their own 'Post No Bills' posters pasted over other peoples/brands posters.

So Happy Soldiers [no suprise in the fact they are an ad agency] has come to the rescue of the people of Australia and their afflicted retinas. The agency has produced a set of aesthetically pleasing versions of the traditional 'Bill Posters Prosecuted' posters. To restore the aesthetic balance back to where it should be.

You can download hi-res artwork from the Bill Posters Project Blog itself.


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