These three words always get our attention – it is a signal that the industry still has a long way to come in terms of their coverage for the boys but let’s face it – it is precisely the ‘lack’ of an in-your-face, buy-it-now element that means our interest [and sanity] is retained...

Anyway, one of joes[a]fiend’s favourite magazine sites, The New York Times Style Magazine [T], has a rather splendid ‘Men’s Fashion Fall 2008’ issue on show in all its glory. Our personal favourites are Armand Limnander’s piece on the paninaros (a real micro-subculture involving Moncler jackets in early 80s Milan), Stephen Bayley on ‘troppo sexy’ architect Carlo Mollino and Holly Brubach on masculinity in modern America [which lends the whole thing a slightly academic slant to round off nicely.]

Well worth a look, if only the UK newspapers could match this level of insight eh?


Whilst writing this I couldn’t resist another peek at the content and discovered further gems including news on a new ‘Thinking Man’s Magazine’ named Tar and cult store L’Eclaireur. I’m going to have to tear myself away now....


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