‘Hard sculptured edges with an underlying message of social defiance and protection’ describes the A/W 08 collection of designer Andrew Ibi’s new retail concept [above]. Situated in the architectural shadow of Erno Goldfinger's 1960’s Trellik Tower in Notting Hill; brutal minimalism and unrelenting standards for high quality illustrate the design principle behind The Convenience Store. Deliciously robust, with no frills or soft lines in sight, the one-off store houses a ruthlessly edited conceptual showroom, with each of the chosen designer’s collections echoing the minimal, concreted aesthetic of the showroom itself with structured silhouettes, fearless hues and hard lines.
The minimal range resonates with the limited selection and stock of traditional ‘convenience stores’ but in truth speak volumes of the current consumer desire for exclusive, individualist products. Ibi has understood his customer exceptionally well, a fact that is clear through his store direction. Each of the purposely chosen pieces are exclusive and sold on exceptionally limited runs. Furthermore, the store runs an ‘under the counter’ system to reserve particularly sought-after items for the loyal customers that he will undoubtedly win.

The collections range from established designers Ann-Sofie Back, Rick Owens, Veronique Branquinho, AF Vandervorst and Christian Wijnants to new talent such as Hannah Marshall, Gustavo Lins and Clare Tough.

You can find The Convenience Store at:
1a Hazelwood Tower,
Golborne Gardens,
W10 5DT


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