The spiritual home of joes[a]fiend is the scene of our latest discovery, a shop which re-invigorates a whole area with a wag of its tail. Le Chien Et Moi in Nottingham has to be seen to be believed and follows in the city’s tradition for innovative retail environments (we’re thinking Paul Smith’s Willoughby House rather than the Broadmarsh here…. Sorry, getting a bit local on y’all.)

Proprietors Pip and Andrew Bolton (plus live-in basset hound Mulberry) evidently have a great passion for retail and this is clear from the moment you clap eyes on the shop on Derby Road. Inside a haul of objets-trouvĂ© (including Andrew’s old man’s carpentry workbenches) sit amongst well sourced items of the new kind – from beautiful Italian bicycles (by Abici) to French linens and jewellery from Japan, New York and England.

The charming owners cite their love of ‘traditional shops, from old pharmacies to hardware stores’ in informing their interior (and exterior) choices. Unsurprisingly both have backgrounds with Nottingham’s Paul Smith. I have a strong feeling that Nottingham’s favourite son would approve.

www.lechienetmoi.com (under construction at present)

Preferably visit:
Le Chien Et Moi, 60 Derby Road, Nottingham, NG1 5FD. Tel: 0115 979 9199

(All photos by Scene Photography, Nottingham)

PFH Thompson

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