Charles Csuri at work

Apparently there are many great happenings this weekend in London (and no doubt throughout this green and pleasant land.) To quash any rumours of us becoming a listings guide we are focusing on one small but intriguing event happening on Sunday eve as part of ‘The Long Weekend’ at the Tate Modern.

Early Experiments in Computer Animation is the unambiguous title of this show. According to the Tate, the grand space of the Turbine Hall will be ‘transformed by the pulsating, kinetic and colourful rhythms of these visionary glimpses into the future of cinema.’

Key works by pioneers such as Charles Csuri, Ed Emshwiller, Lillian Schwartz and Stan VanDerBeek will be screened. To cap it all, in true bank holiday spirit the event is entirely free of charge… and then it’s back to work a-g-a-i-n. On Tuesday.

Ps. Check out the rest of ‘The Long Weekend’ itinerary – there’s a few gems in there.

PFH Thompson

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