PUBLISHING - Some of you may know that eBay is rife with people selling their bodies as an advertising medium. For over two years, graphic designer Jacco Kranenburg purchased as many of these human billboards as possible to advertise his design studio Roomservice.

This is what Jacco told us about the reasoning behind the project:

"Out of sheer curiosity, I started to bid personally on several human billboard auctions. One thing that struck me was the utter confidence with which the different providers presented themselves.Without an exception, they were all convinced that they could provide unique and valuable advertising opportunities. For over two years I purchased as many of these human billboards as possible, advertising my design studio and web address. Instead of actual effective advertising, it did provide me with some delightful views into personal lives. Some of these most fascinating transactions are presented in this magazine."

How much would you sell advertising space on your body for?


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