SPOTTED - We've all been in that awkward situation: when you're on the tube and you see what you think could be a pregnant woman... then you begin to doubt yourself. You start thinking is she really pregnant? If she isn't pregnant and I offer her my seat will her fist be speeding towards my nose? If I don't offer my seat and she is pregnant, am I a truly vile person with an express ticket to hell?

Let's be honest, these aren't the thoughts anyone wants running through their head in the morning, sat on a sardine tin like tube.

When I was on the tube today I spotted a woman wearing the 'Baby On Board!' badge. For a guy (or girl) that isn't a selfish twat and is more than happy to give up his/her seat on the tube, this badge could help a lot.

If you have a 'bun in the oven' you can get the badge for free by contacting Transport For London [babyonboard@tube.tfl.gov.uk / 0845 330 9880]. If you know someone who is expecting, let them know!


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