DIGITAL - This year has got off to a hectic start. I've been researching in 3 continents, 10 cities and amassed a huge carbon footprint. The fatigue is catching up with me and I find myself needing some down time.

I started thinking about how my iPhone hasn't stopped buzzing/bleeping and I would love an app that would shut down all the features of the device until I had fully recuperated. No more phone calls, FourSquare, Facebook, email, SMS/MMS, twitter accounts, New York Times, mp3 and what ever else is on the four pages of apps on my device. Please excuse my super crass mock-up.

Then I realised that my app wouldn't be appearing in any TV adverts, or be the most popular download in the app store. The clever guys at Apple had beaten me to it, it's called the 'off switch'. So time to use it and get some sleep!


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Sham said...

Go to bed mate!!!