Don't get me wrong, digital content consumption is the present and very much the future. Who knows what that future may hold, is it a device like the Amazon Kindle? iPhone? Or is it a mobile phone with a projector built in? Or projections right onto our retinas?

The problem with all of these devices, is currently they FAIL from time to time. When these devices FAIL we get angry, feel let down then throw it out of the nearest open or closed window. When a print add on the tube (fails/) weathers we don't feel the same emotions as we would towards a digital screen. Until these devices that are becoming more and more prevalent in our everyday lives learn not to fail and become reliable, print will still be a major part of our lives.

This point couldn't be illustrated in a more poignant manor than when I was on the tube and one of the projects had FAILED. Next to it was a print advert for the redesigned Cadbury's Caramel bar. Or was it a great ploy to get even more attention to the new advert placed next to the FAILED projector? I doubt it. This in turn led me to think, why doesn't a brand buy three spaces on the tube platform and just put huge arrows on the outer billboards pointing towards the advert in the middle?


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