"Spotify is a Sweden-based proprietary music streaming program, which allows instant listening to specific tracks or albums with almost no buffering delay. Music can be browsed by artists, albums or created playlists as well as by direct searches. Although it is not possible to save the streamed music for use outside the application, a link is provided to allow the listener to directly purchase the material via partner retailers." WIKI

I've heard a lot of noise about Spotify and until 30 minutes ago I hadn't actually used it. So, 30 minutes later... I'm hooked. The service is fantastic, the application is seamless, it streams full length tracks almost instantly and I am yet to hear an advert. The range of music available is vast... All I can say is download it and see for yourselves.

10 out of 10!



girl with chanel said...

totally agreed.
my dad told me about it and im so glad he did.

David Severn said...

I've been using it for about two weeks. When I first started using it I thought "Why the hell isn't everybody going on about this yet?!" Two days later, it was on the national news and everybody I know is talking about it. I'm glad it's getting the publicity and talk-of-the-town it deserves, it's a brilliant thing. I love it!