joes[a]fiend has always had a policy of only wearing Supreme five panel caps, that's just the way we are. I guess things always change and this could be the time for a New Era.

Whilst on the Northern Line I spotted a guy sitting opposite me in what looked like at first sight a Fez with a peak! Upon closer inspection it turned out to be a New Era Fez, I could barely contain my excitement! So as soon as I got home the search began to find out what this mysterious piece of headwear was.

Who else to turn to than Nai at Strictly Fitteds for the 'heads up'. Turns out that this New Era Fez is a collaboration with the UK streetwear brand Yes No Maybe.

This most definitely gets our thumbs up!


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Bob said...

Only Yes No Maybe are mad enough to create a Fez New Era. They rule UK streetwear