Boxie is an upstart t-shirt business, with devoted fans from Dalston to Berlin, satisfied customers include a housewife from Arizona and scene kids in Copenhagen. Mistake Boxie for “just another slogan t-shirt” business at your peril. I love the typography and the photography.

The thing that interests us the most about Boxie is their ‘T SPOKE’ range. If you’re sick of the homogenous high street and faux vintage 80s band t-shirts, then this is what you’ve been waiting for. Moxie the founder of Boxie describes the process better than I ever could, “you call me/meet me and tell me a story and I go away and turn it into one line on a T shirt”. I like this a lot, and it brings a sense on intimacy back to t-shirts that I personally haven’t felt for a really long time.

Check out Boxie/Moxie.



Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m working on something really exciting [well, I think it’s exciting], as soon as it’s ready you’ll be the first to hear about it.

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