The Mecca of food also known as Borough Market will be opening up its doors this Sunday 26th October for Apple Day. So as if you need any excuse to don a hat with a pom-pom and wear mittens, Apple Day promises to hold a cornucopia of Autumnal produce, with the humble pomme taking centre stage, with apples in every imaginable variety present in an array of tasty drinks, cakes and warm festive treats.

Held from 11am – 5pm with music and merriment [such as apple-bobbing provided by the Ministry of Fun in Southwark Cathedral Churchyard] it looks like it will be a fantastic way to spend an early Autumn Sunday! The annual Lions Part October Plenty Harvest festival will also be beginning outside Shakespeare’s Globe at noon and proceeding with a colourful procession to the market. Harvest festival was definitely the best assembly at school, so it’s a great chance to take part in a grown up version.

As if you needed any further encouragement, Apple Day also has one of the coolest leaflets I have picked up in months, designed by Peter Gibbons who does much of Borough Markets art work. Apparently he has a problem with people stealing his posters as they like them so much, and I can see why, I’ll be on the lookout myself on Sunday! See you there!


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