PUBLISHING - In joes[a]fiend's opinion there are not enough magazines that discuss foraging, walking on riverbeds and local history. In fact, we're not sure that there are any. Therefore, Lost in London has gotten us really excited.

We found out about the beautifully designed magazine through magCulture's 24-hour long 5 year anniversary celebration and were immediately taken by the idea of a truly seasonal magazine. The publication inspires by sharing information on the capital through the changing seasons and the first issue conveys a love for the outdoors throughout.

Pick of the articles for us was Helen Babbs piece on the November 'draw-off' of the Thames at Richmond. In many ways this article is what the magazine is about - telling you about something you were not aware of and making you want to go and see it for yourself. The first issue also comes with a map of fruit trees in Hackney - again, prodding you to head outside and explore.

'We wanted to make something that showed London in a completely different way, reflecting all the things that are good about the city - there is so much more to it than busy tube trains and smog,' Lucy Scott, editor of Lost in London, told joes[a]fiend.

The design of the magazine is also a vital part of its appeal [as you can see from the pictures.] Tina Smith, the art director of Lost in London and Lucy Scott see the title as a backlash to the ubiquitous free-zines that are increasingly common in London.

'We had seen a few independent mags launch with uncompromising editorial and design values and it seemed to us like a backlash was underway against the multitude of free-zines popping up everywhere - not that they're bad necessarily, but just that there's a different sort of publishing to be had on the other side. The Ride Journal in particular was an inspiration.'

With the first signs of spring well and truly upon us [you can smell it along the New River Walk in Islington, honest] we are very much looking forward to the next issue of Lost in London. We shouldn't need to say when it comes out...


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