TECHNOLOGY – I’ve had my digital umbilical cord ripped out, phoneless, app less and uncontactable. So we reached out to Nokia who kindly gave us the new Nokia X6 to test, which I’m in the process of doing now.

First impressions are good; the unboxing of the device was a great experience, so good in fact after it was all unboxed I put everything back in and did it all over again.

Recently, I wrote an article entitled ‘Music 3.0’, it looked at the current state of the music industry and the future of the industry. One of the things I touched upon was the Nokia Comes With Music service, which is a blessing for a music fan like myself. The only thing I would say, is I was overwhelmed by the choice, it would be awesome if Nokia developed a plug-in for iTunes and help me find new music from artists I like and are available from Nokia Comes With Music.

The biggest difference from going to an iPhone to an X6 would have to be the camera, after a while I found myself not even bothering taking pictures on the iPhone. The X6 has a 5 megapixel camera which is a joy to use. The only thing that is lacking is a New York Times app, I used to read the NYT on my iPhone on the way to work. If this was available in the Ovi Store [Nokia’s app store] it would be a very complete package.

More to come soon…


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