RETAIL - One of our favourite retailers has extended their network of retail spaces. Blackbird has recently opened The Field House, located in Seattle. The store will be stocking the likes of Pendleton, Woolrich Woolen Mills, April 77, Filson, Bee Raw Honey and Cire Trudon.

The story behind the space is:

"the field house is reminiscent of general stores that were once at the heart of rural towns across America. Its shelves are stocked with a wide variety of merchandise, including classic work wear, vintage goods, basic groceries and candies, flowers, and perfumes and candles. It captures the history, geography, and folklore of times past, when goods were less disposable and had more meaning, a time when people canned their own food and took a moment to converse with strangers."



Alyson Redding said...

ahh, field house! how did you find out about them & blackbird? I keep forgetting that I should let you know about cool places & happenings in seattle. I need to be your eyes and ears for the pacific northwest!

joes[a]fiend said...


I've been a fan of Blackbird for a while and been reading there blog for a while now.

I would love it if you could be my eyes, ears and nose in the Pacific Northwest. How do I relay the favour?