ADVERTISING - There's nothing we like more than an advertising campaign created around a funny little product. So when we saw this effort by DDB, Canada for the BC Dairy Foundation we were in awe.

The Weak Shop
sells products aimed at people who don't have the energy to go about their daily lives and need a little help. Our favorite product is towel clothing; it's something that would certainly benefit some of our contributors. Also, if you think you can do better you can submit your own ideas for a product to The Weak Shop here, the competition closes on February 1, 2010.

This campaign certainly contains all five key elements needed for success:

. Simplicity
2. Reflective of the values of the brand and/or product
3. Memorable
4. Playful
5. Collaboration

If you buy anything from The Weak Shop, they will throw in two pints of milk [in bottles, we hope].

I wonder what my first purchase will be... That's if I have the strength to complete the purchase.


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