... all sick of pop-up retail, I wish they'd just pop-off. Grand Opening is an innovative retail space in New York's Lower East Side that is always morphing into something new and exciting. The space has been a drive-in movie theater, art gallery and table tennis club.

This incarnation of the space sees it turning into a wedding chapel. The way G.O. is funding this venture is an interesting one. They are using a website called Kickstarter. The site allows artists, computer programmers, film makers, musicians, basically anyone with an idea/product that wants to kickstart their project and get funding for it.

The site allows you to tier the level of pledges, so with G.O. for example:

"PLEDGE $1 OR MORE: Have your name placed on the list of donors for the wedding chapel. Your name will be displayed on the wall in the chapel. Tell your friends to come by and witness your generosity, on view for the summer! The larger your donation the larger your name will be on the donor wall. $1 = 24 pt type. $5 = 120 pt type."

With various other offerings leading up to:

"PLEDGE $500 OR MORE: Reserve Wedding Chapel for a 1 hour wedding ceremony followed by a 1 hour reception with a DJ and photographer. Receive a CD of images and choose 5 8" x 10" prints"

However, if you don't raise the level of funding you set and the beginning of the process you get nothing. In G.O.'s case they are aiming to raise $3,000, if they raise $2,999 tough luck and they wont receive a cent!

Kickstarter is a greater way to gain funding for a project for while away few hours finding all sorts of interesting projects/people/ideas. Check it out - www.kickstarter.com


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