Ely Kim, a graphic design student at Yale created this brilliant video as his entry for Michael Bierut’s ‘100 Days’ Workshop at the university. Titled "BOOMBOX", it features Kim’s self documentation of 100 dances to 100 songs, in 100 days in 100 locations; all squeezed into the campest 9 minute 36 seconds you can spend at your desk. The soundtrack is awesome, so check out the track list for some forgotten gems.

Anyone who’s gone a bit nuts in an art studio can understand where the inspiration came from, but I still have no idea how he managed to pull the videos off with a straight face, so in pure awe, numbers 4, 59 and 80 are personal favourites, and 15 definitely deserves a heads up for that cat tee.

After realising Kim was the best thing I’ve seen all week, I did some research and discovered his website and his funny little sketch book drawings.

Childlike and hilarious. Brilliant.


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girl with chanel said...

This video is amazing. cant stop replaying ittt
where can i find the playlist???