joes[a]fiend enjoyed a night at the flicks this week and were completely won over by Edo Bertoglio’s documentary on his old stomping ground and its denizens. The name of the film is Face Addict and it interweaves Bertoglio’s photographic portraits of this unique period in New York’s history alongside recent interviews [many darkly hilarious, some heart-warming] with his pals from back in the day.

Along the way we come across Debbie Harry, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. However, the real story here lies with Glenn O’Brien who lends the film a sobering [yet overall uplifting] narrative that would otherwise have been absent. His parents make a star turn too; keep an eye out for his mum’s Christmas jumper, a real corker.

Face Addict is showing at the ICA from today to Sunday 7th September. Be sure to check out the great magazine selection in the gift shop too, not to be missed.

PFH Thompson

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