Designed by Artist and architect Didler Fiuza Faustino and curated by Benjamin Weil, this spaceship like box will transport you into the great unknown…Ok, so that is not entirely true but the H-Box, commissioned by Hermès, has traveled around the world showing viewers new collections by eight international video artists.

Dora Garcia

First unveiled at the Pompidou Centre in Paris, it has since traveled to Spain and Luxembourg and will now be coming to London for a limited period.

Dora Garcia

Opening on Thursday 3rd July on the Turbine Hall Bridge at Tate Modern, the H-box will feature works by eight artists such as Alice Anderson, Yael Bartana and Sebastian Diaz Morales. The programme of new commissions for H Box will be updated every year, with four new works replacing a previous quartet. No doubt the H Box will provide an out-of-this-world dynamic insight into the moving imagery of contemporary artists.


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