ADVERTISING - The Waffle Shop billboard is a re-purposed rooftop billboard structure atop the [you guessed it] Waffle Shop building [Pittsburgh]. It replaces the static message of a commercial sign with a changeable monologue. The system uses a set of custom-made letters that float on rails, with only the sky as the background, to create a live [ish] structure that can change on demand.

Here’s how it works:

: They are looking to promote stories and ideas and as opposed to businesses and will reserve a few spots for non-profits, but request that they keep the aforementioned in mind.

: They are able to accommodate roughly 25 characters a line [including spaces] for a total of 125 or less characters on the 5 lines of the billboard.

: They will change the text every Sunday or the next day if the weather is bad [since it does involve two people up on a billboard for four hours]

: For people that want to rent for a month it’s $400, plus $50.00 for any weekly changes beyond the original post with the maximum cost being $550 for the month.

: All text for the billboard must be approved by the Waffle Shop as well as Eve Picker from We Do Property and Skip Schwab from East Liberty Development [they haven’t said no yet].

: Email them if you are interested at billboard@waffleshop.org


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